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Woods of Hollingbourne and the Environment

Shopping locally is a key part of living a more sustainable lifestyle, which is at the heart of our vision for Woods of Hollingbourne.

One of the most important ways buying locally helps the environment is by reducing your food miles. By shopping at Woods of Hollingbourne, you are purchasing goods produced in your local area. Conversely, when you shop at the supermarket, many of the food items you buy travel thousands of miles to reach your plate. By cutting down on these miles, you are reducing the environmental impact of your food. Local food doesn’t create large carbon footprints through overseas plane travel or long lorry trips. This cuts down on fuel consumption and air pollution. There also isn’t a need for shipping facilities, packing facilities or refrigeration.

By buying and eating local, consumers are able to enjoy produce that is fresh and nutritious. Many of our local suppliers pride themselves on keeping their product organic, hormone and pesticide free. Not only is this beneficial to the consumer, it’s also beneficial to the environment. Keeping harmful toxins, like pesticides, out of the air helps to improve crops and air quality. In addition, because the produce is fresh and brought directly from farm to table, there is less waste. Many large retailers have significant food waste due to items going bad before they are bought. On a smaller scale with a more direct farm to table approach, this food waste is cut down.

Most of our food comes direct from producers here in Kent,  which has the added benefit of supporting the local economy and ensuring the resilience of the local supply chain.

Specific measures we have employed are as follows:

  • Prioritising  products made or grown in kent
  • Shopping locally significantly reduces transport miles and co2 emissions
  • Our coffee cups are made of 100% recycled materials and are themselves recyclable or compostable
  • We do not use or supply plastic carrier bags
  • Products are selected that avoid the use of single use plastic as far as possible
  • Customers are encouraged to use re-usable bags and we have our own branded bags available
  • We recycle as much of our waste and packaging as possible
  • Our electricity is sourced from 100% renewable energy

if you have any suggestions to help us improve further, please let us know!